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January 26, 2018

I’ve often found that lovers of nature are often the ones who are most comfortable with themselves. While many succumb to the rush and hurry world, nature tends to provide just the opposite — one notices the colors of the sunset, the majesty of the mountains, the whisper of wind through the trees, the nurturing of the soul.
It was in this setting that Heather and Tyler had their engagement session, and the same gentle spirit of nature carried itself to their wedding at The Arbors.
One of my favorite venues, The Arbors combines the beauty of nature and the rustic charm of yesteryear with all the elegance needed for an extraordinary wedding.
Caroline with Mint to be Weddings insured that the simple inspirations of nature could be seen — from the flower covered wooden barrels and sprigs of fresh flowers designed by Nectar Floral Designs to the cut wood stands and the birch bark flower pots — a reminder from the woods to gently nurture the soul.

Congratulations to this lovely couple – wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” — John Muir

Wedding Planner: Caroline Emmons – Mint to be Weddings
Makeup: Simply Beautiful Artistry by Sissy
March 21, 2017

Have you ever had one of those remote spots that just mean the world to you? And even more so when you’re with the one you love?
Kiawah Island is that spot for Katie & Nick. After hearing their love for Kiawah and talking with Katie on the phone about her desire to have a shoot there we just had to make it happen. Thankfully the stars aligned and we were able to do just that.
Kiawah, part of the chain of barrier islands off the coast of Charleston, SC, has a long and often romantic past ranging from the Kiawah Indian tribes and rumors of buried pirate gold, to the world class vacation resort of today.
Anxious to begin our journey, we first visited the famous Angel Oak Tree (which turns out you need a permit to shoot there, so don’t try it!) They were kind enough to allow us one quick photo which thankfully turned out to be pretty perfect. We then headed further into Kiawah and I quickly realized why this place meant so much to them….gorgeous beaches, marshes, forest and wildlife in an unspoiled natural setting. It was truly paradise!
We ended at a Mingo Point, a Lowcountry favorite which overlooks the marshes of the Kiawah River, which Katie claimed had a gorgeous sunset —  and certainly didn’t disappoint!
This love branches out like an oak tree. Reach for the sky and roots to the sea. ~ Unknown

May 24, 2016

When I first met Lauren and Andrew for their Engagement Session in the Outer Banks, the one thing I noticed above all, was the magic that existed between these two. They are a couple whose deep devotion to each other are complimented with true romance and an unshakable faith in God.
There were many prayers said the day of their wedding at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, but none so important as their first prayer together as husband and wife, after lighting the Unity Candle at the altar.  “It was a very special moment for us,” said Lauren, as she described her favorite memories of the wedding.
Wedding planner Ashley Cash of The Graceful Host provided exactly the right touch for this couple…Calla Lilies.  Derived from the Greek word meaning beauty, the Calla Lily is a traditional symbol of marital bliss, true devotion and divinity.  I can think of no better way to describe this amazing couple than the symbolism of the Calla Lilly.

“A single flower can be my garden…a single friend, my world.” Leo Buscaglia

Full contributors list below.

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Wedding Planner : The Graceful Host 

Venue: The Mint Museum 

Makeup: Erin Ashley Makeup 

Hair: Mirror Bomb Studios

Floral: New Creations Flower Company 

Cake: Wow Factor Cakes

Wedding Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Getting Ready Location: The Westin 

A very special thank you to my team Jessica and Elly!



January 26, 2016

Recently, I traveled to the Asheville area for an amazing engagement session with Jen & Frayne. Our day began at the spectacular Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah National Forest, and ended with the amazing sunset views at Black Balsam Knob near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Our time together was truly serene. The couple stated early in the day they didn’t take each other “too seriously” and “just enjoy laughing and spending time together.”  Those attributes were clearly apparent in their shoot. They were both completely at ease without a care in the world.
Generally, there’s some hesitation getting starting at most photo shoots, as it’s sometimes an awkward feeling knowing you are being photographed — but, to Jen & Frayne, I was just there  like part of the scenery — fortunate enough to witness the love they share and their carefree devotion to one another . The best way I could describe their love : purely effortless.

Hiking up the over 6,000 feet elevation of Black Balsam Knob, we really weren’t sure what the evening would hold.  The clouds in the distance were clearly storm clouds,  yet the sun was peering through the darkness as well. It was without question the most variety I’ve ever received from the sky in a session and the sunset….oh, the sunset. Well, just see for yourself.

Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment. ~ Horace
Asheville Wedding Photographer001 Asheville Wedding Photographer002 Asheville Wedding Photographer003 Asheville Wedding Photographer004 Asheville Wedding Photographer005 Asheville Wedding Photographer006 Asheville Wedding Photographer007 Asheville Wedding Photographer008 Asheville Wedding Photographer009 Asheville Wedding Photographer010 Asheville Wedding Photographer011 Asheville Wedding Photographer012 Asheville Wedding Photographer013 Asheville Wedding Photographer014 Asheville Wedding Photographer015 Asheville Wedding Photographer016 Asheville Wedding Photographer017 Asheville Wedding Photographer018 Asheville Wedding Photographer019 Asheville Wedding Photographer020 Asheville Wedding Photographer021 Asheville Wedding Photographer022 Asheville Wedding Photographer023 Asheville Wedding Photographer024

August 03, 2015

As a photographer, I often tend to visualize a scene before me based upon its possibilities, rather than what might be seen by the average person.  Oftentimes, it seems my mind’s eye views the world with an optimistic tilt, coupled with a panoramic view that can lend itself to epic proportions.
When you stop and think about it, those same qualities are often the ones found in my couples as they anticipate the vast possibilities of a future life together.

When you combine the two, many times, you have magic . . . . . .

Over six hours of travel brought me to meet Lauren and Andrew at a location like none other. Hailed as ‘The Living Dune,’ Jockey’s Ridge at Nag’s Head is the tallest active sand dune system in the Eastern United States.  As with life itself, the shifting winds here are constantly reshaping the dunes, refining their surfaces, and leaving behind a vast array of true magic that is viewable to all who open their heart and soul.

It is here also, that one can sometimes find a unique treasure known as fulgurite.  A fused quartz, fulgurite is a glass tube which is created by lightning striking sand. Fragile, but sturdy, these objects occur in a flash, but can last for thousands of years.  While the object may look like an ordinary rock, the true beauty is on the inside — the part you can’t often see.

While we didn’t notice any of these unique shapes during our session, I couldn’t help but think how the workings of nature can be so interweaved in relation to our own lives.  As Andrew and Lauren walked up the vast sand dune, her dress blowing in the breeze, their connection and movement were effortless.  Just like the dunes upon which they walked, I knew their magic together would soon become timeless.

Advice from a Sand Dune: Soak up the sunshine, Stay loose, Keep moving, Embrace winds of change, Make positive ripples, Don’t get carried away, Show your true grit. ~ Ilan Shamir

End Notes: I connected with Simone of Jetaime Events in hopes of incorporating a collaborating with a few local vendors to make this session extra special for Lauren and Andrew. We were so fortunate to connect with Nancy Harvey of Holiday House Weddings who created a beautiful tablescape for us on the dunes and also Hairocis Spa & Salon who provided such beautiful hair and makeup.
Andrew and Lauren will be married in April in what I believe will be one of the most beautiful weddings designed and planned by the incredibly talented Ashley Cash of The Graceful Host.
Something tells there’s more magic in store . . .

Outer Banks Photographer Jockey's Ridge Nags Head Photographer Nags Head Photographer Jockey's Ridge Nags Head Photographer Jockey's Ridge Jockeys Ridge 008 Jockeys Ridge 009 Jockey's Ridge Jockeys Ridge 011 Nags Head Photographer Jockeys Ridge 013 Outer Banks Photographer Jockey's Ridge Jockeys Ridge 016 Jockeys Ridge 017 Jockey's Ridge Jockeys Ridge 019 Jockeys Ridge 020 Jockeys Ridge 021 Nags Head Photographer Outer Banks Photographer Outer Banks Photographer Jockeys Ridge 025 Jockeys Ridge 026 Jockeys Ridge 027 Jockeys Ridge 028 Outer Banks Photographer Jockeys Ridge 030 Outer Banks Photographer

June 17, 2015

Katie and Ben were married a few short weeks ago, and were eagerly looking forward to a jaunt across Europe on their honeymoon.  While their wedding had been steeped in tradition, they opted to take a step out of the ordinary and embark on a high altitude Adventure Session prior to boarding the plane to the ancestral lands of their forefathers.

The three of us left the humid 80+ degree temperatures of the city and traveled to Pisgah National Forest along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Amid the winding roadways and deep forests, the weather took an abrupt change as the heat dissipated and wind chill plummeted to the 40s.

Our first destination was Looking Glass Falls, where even in the summer, the water feels icy cold and the spray from the 60-foot falls quickly numb your fingers and toes — especially if you’re adorned in a wedding gown. From there, we traveled to Black Balsam Knob with its 70-mile vistas.

Amazingly enough, the trees begin to disappear the higher you climb. And when you reach the 6,200 feet, the Knob envelopes you in an alpine atmosphere akin to that found in Europe. It was a spectacular view, only made better by the loving couple standing on the summit.

As we left this enchanted area, we talked about the upcoming honeymoon and the places the couple wished to visit. With Katie’s mother’s ancestors from Italy and her father’s from Croatia, she said it had always been her dream to visit those faraway lands. And with an endearing smile, she looked at her husband and said, “Ben made my dream come true.”

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. — Kahlil Gibran

Asheville Wedding Photographer Asheville Wedding002 Asheville Wedding003 Asheville Wedding004 Asheville Wedding005 Asheville Wedding006 Asheville Wedding007 Asheville Wedding008 Asheville Wedding009 Asheville Wedding010 Asheville Wedding011 Asheville Wedding012 Asheville Wedding013 Asheville Wedding014 Asheville Wedding015 Asheville Wedding016 Asheville Wedding017 Asheville Wedding018 Asheville Wedding019 Asheville Photographer Black Balsam Knob Blue Ridge Parkway Mountain Wedding Asheville Wedding Asheville Wedding025

Hair & Makeup by the incredibly talented Lindsey Regan Thorne.

June 08, 2015

No two clients are the same, and no two weddings can ever be duplicated  — and this was a perfect example. For this couple and their families, the first Saturday of May was always planned around The Kentucky Derby, and likewise, so would their wedding.
As the crowds were pouring into Churchill Downs, a similarly excited, albeit somewhat smaller, crowd was convening at The Arbors Events near Lake Norman, North Carolina to celebrate a wedding like none other.
In North Carolina, the bride and her parents were walking toward the rose covered arch, while in Kentucky, the contenders were making their way from the barn to the paddock.
In North Carolina, a couple deeply in love were saying their vows, while in Kentucky, the participants were listening for the ‘Rider’s Up’ call.
Once in the reception area, the wedding party and guests quickly wrote down their favorites on the betting board, grabbed their champagne and turned toward the big screen television. As toasts were made to the bride and groom, American Pharoah was making his way across the finish line.

Although I may be one of the few Americans who have never seen The Kentucky Derby, something tells me I’ll be tuning in next year. Perhaps not to see the race itself, but rather to search among the spectators for Katie & Ben as they celebrate their first anniversary.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.  – Unknown

The Arbors 001The Arbors 002 The Arbors 003 The Arbors 004 The Arbors 005 The Arbors Events The Arbors 007 NC Wedding Photographer NC Wedding Photographer The Arbors 010 The Arbors 011 The Arbors Events The Arbors Events The Arbors Events The Arbors 015 The Arbors 016 The Arbors 017 The Arbors Events The Arbors 019 The Arbors Events The Arbors Events The Arbors 022 The Arbors 023 The Arbors Events The Arbors 025 The Arbors 026 The Arbors 027 The Arbors 028 The Arbors Events The Arbors 030 NC Wedding Photographer The Arbors Events NC Wedding Photographer The Arbors Events The Arbors 035 The Arbors Events NC Wedding Photographer The Arbors 038 The Arbors 039 The Arbors 040 The Arbors 041 The Arbors 042 NC Wedding Photographer The Arbors 044 The Arbors 045 The Arbors 046 The Arbors Events The Arbors 048 The Arbors 049 The Arbors 050 The Arbors Events The Arbors Events

Photographer | Julia Laible Photography
Assistant Photographer | Jessica Kait Photography 
Videographer | Crown Alley Films
Venue | The Arbors Events
Caterer | Visions Catering
Florals | Nectar
Baker | Ella’s Celestial Cakes
Ceremony Musician | Musically Yours NC
Pastor | Tom McCrea
HMUA | LINDSEY REGAN THORNE “b e p r e t t y”
Caricaturist | Jerry Frazee
DJ | All The Right Grooves Professional DJ Services
Transportation | T&J Shuttle & Limousine
Paper Goods | Olive Paper
Planning & Coordination | Brandy Childs
April 21, 2015

In life’s travels, many of us will eventually come across an isolated place in nature that speaks to our heart.  We are the lucky ones — to be touched by nature’s glory, as we stand in awe of a vista that surrounds us in beauty and serenity.
Thank you, Savannah and Jaymin, for traveling with me along this memorable journey.  A journey in which the waterfall reminds us to be free in our lives and our love.

I want my life to be a mountain stream that rushes down wild flowered slopes through pine glades into green valleys, I do not want culverts to contain my force or cement to channel my flow, nothing to break my life’s course with roots, stones and sand.  ~ Lowell McMullin

Asheville Wedding Photographer001 Asheville Wedding Photographer002 Asheville Wedding Photographer003 Asheville Wedding Photographer004 Asheville Wedding Photographer005 Asheville Wedding Photographer006 Asheville Wedding Photographer007 Asheville Wedding Photographer008 Asheville Wedding Photographer009 Asheville Wedding Photographer010 Asheville Wedding Photographer011 Asheville Wedding Photographer012 Asheville Waterfall Asheville Wedding Photographer014 Julia Laible Photography Asheville Wedding Photographer016 Asheville Wedding Photographer017 Asheville Wedding Photographer018 Mountain Engagement Picture Asheville Wedding Photographer020 Asheville Wedding Photographer021 Asheville Wedding Photographer022

February 12, 2015

One of the many highlights of 2014 was attending the “Every Wedding is an Adventure” Workshop hosted by the incredibly talented Ed Peers and Nirav Patel.

I discovered these artists just weeks prior to their workshop and knew that I had to attend this adventure in San Francisco, California. I had never been out west before, as the bulk of our vacation each year is spent abroad. I truly didn’t know what I was missing!

To have the opportunity to learn from such incredible artists was a life and business changing experience. We hiked in the beautiful Mount Tamalpais State Park for Magda & Mark‘s session. As the sun began to set, I just had to stop and take it all in. I was surrounded by complete tranquility and peace.  Just thinking about it as I write this, still brings that same feeling of inspiration.

Special thanks to Magda and Mark from Mark Trela Photography for being awesome models as well as workshop attendees.


San Francisco Engagement Session 001 San Francisco Engagement Session 002 San Francisco Engagement Session 003 San Francisco Engagement Session 004 San Francisco Engagement Session 005 San Francisco Engagement Session 006 San Francisco Engagement Session 007 San Francisco Engagement Session 008 San Francisco Engagement Session 009 San Francisco Engagement Session 010 San Francisco Engagement Session 011 San Francisco Engagement Session 012 San Francisco Engagement Session 013 San Francisco Engagement Session 014 San Francisco Engagement Session 015 San Francisco Engagement Session 016 San Francisco Engagement Session 017 San Francisco Engagement Session 018




January 30, 2015


According to the national news, approximately 21,000 couples tied the knot on the last sequential date of this century. I was honored to be part of this historical event for Kaitlin and Conor, as they exchanged vows at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Following the ceremony, a beautiful reception was held at Adaumont FarmLeigh Pearce, a Greensboro based wedding planner coordinated the special day.  Kaitlin and Conor actually live in Los Angeles, so I can only imagine how difficult this long-distance wedding would have been for them without the assistance of Leigh!

Many congratulations to the beautiful couple and their families and special thanks to Leigh Pearce for her impeccable attention to detail and organization.

Adaumont Farm

Adaumont Farm Wedding 060 Adaumont Farm Wedding 061 Adaumont Farm Wedding 062 Adaumont St. Leo the Great Catholic Church Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Winston Salem Wedding Photographer Adaumont St. Leo the Great Catholic Church Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont St. Leo the Great Catholic Church Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Picture Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont-Farm-100 Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm Adaumont Farm

Planning, Design, Coordination: Leigh Pearce Weddings

Church: St. Leo the Great Catholic Church

Reception: Adaumont Farm

Florist: Green Bee Floral Design

Band: Walrus

Videography: Good Earth Films

Bakery: Regi Originals

Hair + Makeup: Carla White,