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August 25, 2016

I once read a quote by Joyce Meyer that said, “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.”
I think we’ve all had those moments in life — and how you choose to approach the situation ultimately affects everyone who surrounds you.

I can think of no better example of a positive attitude than my bride Jen, who recently married the love of her life, Frayne. Her wedding day didn’t have even the smallest ray of sunshine, and the downpour of rain continued throughout the day.  While many brides would have been devastated, Jen never lost her smile. Her radiance provided all the light and warmth needed for this special occasion, and, along with the numerous umbrellas she had provided for her guests, the wedding was a beautiful event to be remembered for a lifetime.

Special thanks to the incredible team I had the privilege of working with on this wedding! Full contributors list below.

If it rains on your wedding day, every time it rains for the rest of your life you will be blessed with a reminder of that special moment.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer Morning Glory Farms002 Morning Glory Farms003 NC Wedding Photographer Morning Glory Farms005 Morning Glory Farms006 Carolina Bride Morning Glory Farms008 Morning Glory Farms009 Morning Glory Farms011 Morning Glory Farms013 Morning Glory Farms014 Morning Glory Farms015 Morning Glory Farms016 Morning Glory Farms017 Morning Glory Farms018 Morning Glory Farms019 Morning Glory Farms020 Morning Glory Farm Morning Glory Farms022 Morning Glory Farms023 Carolina Bride Morning Glory Farms025 Morning Glory Farms027storyboard001 North Carolina Wedding

Creative Team:

Venue: Morning Glory Farm 

Photographer: Julia Laible Photography 

Videographer: Crown Alley

Florist: Springvine Design 

Cake: Ella’s Celestial Cakes 

Makeup Artist: Erin Ashley

Hair: Mirror Bomb 

Day of Coordination: Love & Honey

December 17, 2015

I recently had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Carolina Bride for their Fall issue.  As you can imagine, I was honored beyond belief.
As I met with then Editor Cristina Wilson to discuss details and envision the article, my heart was pounding.  This was it! I was collaborating on a feature, taking notes and making mental images of a storybook Fall wedding.
As the day dawned at the historic Old Sherrill’s Inn near Asheville, NC, it was a drizzly morning and rain was in the forecast throughout the day.  Oftentimes near the Great Smoky Mountains, those rainy days will end with a gorgeous sunset, so we kept our fingers crossed while battling with the weather.
Later that evening, a car load of optimists waited near Max Patch Mountain, eyes scanning the sky for a clearing — and suddenly there it was. The wind shifted, the clouds began to part, and the sun slowly slid into view.  We immediately jumped out as the sun was racing towards the horizon.
It wasn’t until after we started off the mountain again, the shoot being declared a success, that it dawned on me one of those pictures might be the cover shot.  I guess it just goes to show that once the eye goes to the camera, all other thoughts are gone except the beauty that lies immediately in your sight.

Real life is about weathering the storms of life together — Seth Adam Smith

My special thanks to Barbara Pedwell of From This Day Forward Wedding & Event Design, who truly did an incredible job bringing this vision to life and to my amazing assistant Jessica Henry.
Full contributors list below.

Asheville Wedding Photographer001 Asheville Wedding Photographer002 Asheville Wedding Photographer003 Old Sherrills Inn Asheville Wedding Photographer005 Asheville Wedding Photographer006 Asheville Wedding Photographer007 Asheville Wedding Photographer008 Asheville Wedding Photographer009 Asheville Wedding Photographer010 Asheville Wedding Photographer011 Asheville Wedding Photographer012 Asheville Wedding Photographer013 Asheville Wedding Photographer014 Asheville Wedding Photographer015 Asheville Wedding Photographer016 Asheville Wedding Asheville Wedding Photographer018 Asheville Wedding Photographer019 Asheville Wedding Photographer020 Asheville Wedding Photographer021 Asheville Wedding Photographer022 Asheville Wedding Photographer023 Asheville Wedding Photographer024 Carolina Bride Asheville Wedding Photographer026 Asheville Wedding Photographer027 Mountain Wedding NC Wedding Photographer


Here’s the actual magazine feature for those that weren’t able to get their hands on a hard copy!

Carolina Bride Mountain Wedding Asheville Wedding Photographer Asheville Wedding Asheville Elopement Asheville Wedding


Full Vendor List :

Venues: Max Patch & Old Sherrill’s Inn

Wedding Design, Planning & Decor Items, Floral Design & Cake: Barbara Pedwell-Dearborn From This Day Forward

Photography: Julia Laible Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Caroline Hamlin Byrnes

Produced by: Cristina Wilson

Wardrobe: Wildflower Bridal, Winnie Couture & Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry

Hair: Hair & Makeup by Heather Ellison

Makeup: Makeup on Location, Ana Cadena

Stationary: Note+Nest Paperie

Desserts & Menu Creation: Plant

Linens: First Impressions, Charlotte

Lace Place Settings, Matching Vases: Michael Hofman Studios, Asheville

Tables, Chairs, Flatware, Gold Rimmed Glasses: Classic Event Rental, Asheville

Accommodations: Behind the Scenes: Providence Lodge & Gallery

Bride & Groom: Josh & Morgan Thompson



July 20, 2013

Three years ago, I remember talking with my husband and friends and saying “I’ll never shoot weddings. It’s just not my thing. Give me newborns over brides any day.”  Of course, those words were probably formed after watching episodes of Bridezilla and knowing I’d never be a good fit in that atmosphere.  But those scary images totally dissolved when I shot my first wedding.

I’ve always tried to adhere to the “Follow Your Heart” philosophy, especially when it comes to business decisions.  And my heart was telling me to capture those once in a lifetime events.  Nothing like the stress of knowing you have one shot, one opportunity, one chance to get it right the first time, because there is no second ‘first look’ or a second “I do” at a wedding. I fell in love. Honestly. I never imagined I’d ever get so emotionally involved with my work, that I would be so passionate about weddings and the wonderful couples I’ve worked with, but here I am. A hopeless romantic who makes a living doing sometime I absolutely love. I feel so blessed.

The end product of photos are all that most people will ever see of my weddings.  But they are just the icing on the cake so to speak.  For me, the wedding begins far in advance when I develop a personal relationship with the couple.  We talk, we email, we often become friends.  And when it comes to final moments of the ceremony, I’m usually looking through my lens with the same tears of happiness as the rest of the family. It’s not just a wedding. It’s like being in the cast of a beautiful love story played out before your eyes, that’s filled with the kind of emotion that spills over and touches everyone — from the first moment with my couples, to capturing every possible detail of their wedding, then editing the photos and posting the final blog — it’s a journey  I love.

A prime example was getting to know Brandy. We had spent so much time together during the past year with her Engagement Session, her Destination Bridal Session at the Old Sheldon Church in Beaufort, SC, and her Wedding at The Saratoga Springs, that I came to know her on a personal level.  We became friends.

I remember working on her bridal images and putting together the Wedding Blog, and was amazed when we received so much positive feedback.  At that point, I decided to shoot for the stars and submit her wedding to Carolina Bride wedding magazine.  With so many incredibly talented and amazing wedding photographers in my area, I knew the odds of getting published weren’t in my favor, but I figured, ‘why not give it a shot?’

When I heard Brandy’s wedding would be featured in the July/September issue, I was totally over the moon!  I just can’t explain what it’s like to pick up a magazine and see my own photos of a beautiful bride featured for the world to see.  I just kept looking and staring at those pictures and words. It was almost surreal.

And then I read Brandy’s own words in the magazine. “Julia really captured our love story like no one else could have. She really wanted us to get what we wanted, and she did everything she could to make sure we did.”

I dissolved into tears of happiness.  Those words were just the reassurance I needed to let me know my heart was correct in the path it had chosen — that my passion for wedding photography was incredibly real and was now paving the way for a true work of love.

I’d like thank Brandy and all my other brides for entrusting me to capture their most precious moments, and to Carolina Bride, for helping me realize that dreams do come true. I feel truly blessed and fortunate.


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