It’s not often that we encounter someone whose life is so similar to our own, that it’s nearly like a mirror image.  That was my first thought when I met Lindsey and Steve, and their son, Jackson.
A couple who loves to travel, who is devoted to their son, and most of all, enjoys life to its fullest, finding humor and fun in nearly every situation. I couldn’t help but think of my own family.

Lindsey met Steve over four years ago. Although they worked for the same company, their paths seldom crossed until they were both chosen to attend a conference in Dallas. For Lindsey, it was her first trip by plane, and she was so nervous her knuckles were white holding onto the armrests. Steve, seeing her distress, sat with her through take-off, engaging her in conversation until they reached their destination. After two days in Dallas, the couple became fast friends, and within two months, they were dating.

Following the birth of their son, Jackson, the couple began a new tradition called Sunday Funday, in which they put everything on the back burner to enjoy a day of family togetherness. Regardless of how hectic work schedules may be, the couple is totally devoted to each other and to their son. As Lindsey said, “Steve has a genuine, true love for me and our son. He would move Heaven and Earth if it meant making us happy.”

The couple’s engagement session was held at The Ivy Place in Lancaster, SC, and true to the family’s tendency toward playfulness, Jackson joined in the fun, completing this beautiful family circle.

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