It was several years ago when I first met the Johnson family. As a photographer, I witnessed pregnancy, births, first smiles, first steps, and family togetherness. As a friend, I came to love this family as my own and have been forever grateful for all their support and encouragement throughout the years.

I was just a fledgling photographer when I did their first session — nervous, unsure of myself and my abilities — but they believed in me.  It was an honor I’ll never forget.

As I think back about all that I have experienced with this family, two special occasions always come mind. The first was the birth of Miss Aubrey.  My family and I had traveled to Tennessee to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. At 3am, I received a text that the baby was on her way. I completely panicked. Although they texted again telling me it was ok if I couldn’t make it, there was no way I was going to back out! Between rental cars, getting lost, asking directions and breaking the speed limit, I found myself careening into the hospital in a dead run and actually had some time to spare.

The second special occasion was anticipating the birth of Miss Amelia. I had four weddings scheduled, including one in West Virginia, all within days of the baby’s due date.  I remember my phone being an attachment of me — I was never without it — eating, sleeping, shopping, you name it, the phone never left my side. I was so nervous, I was nearly sick thinking what might happen if I were in West Virginia when she went into labor.  Thankfully, the baby arrived before the scheduled wedding shoot, and I was there as they met their daughter for the first time.

Although these were occasions that will never leave my memory, it was the time I spent with the family that I most cherish — we truly have created beautiful memories together.

So to the Johnson family, thank you.  Thank you for believing in me, for sticking by me over the years, and above all, for your encouragement and friendship.

A memory is a photograph, taken by the heart
To make a special moment last forever.

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