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December 19, 2013

I’m so thankful to be able to offer a handful of Family Sessions during the Spring and Fall. With each family, there’s always something new, but each also have a common thread of ‘togetherness’ that always makes me smile.
When I photographed this family, I couldn’t help but think about my own sister. Watching these two little sisters as they paraded before my camera lens, holding hands one minute, laughing together another, took me back to one story in particular . . .

It was a few weeks before Christmas, and I was about five years old. Mom had taken my sister and me to see the Christmas parade in the local rural town near where we lived. Last in the parade, riding on a huge red fire truck with blasting sirens, was Santa Claus. I can barely recall my excitement, but Mom told me I stood like a statue, eyes as big a silver dollars, mouth open in awe of the spectacle before me.
As Santa climbed down from the fire truck and walked up the steps of the local bank to his special chair, children lined up for a visit on Santa’s knee.
I wanted to see Santa so much, but all of a sudden, I was scared. Very scared. Mom took my sister and me by the hand to get in line, and she had to nearly drag me into place. “Don’t you want to see Santa?” Mom asked. I looked at the ground and refused to answer. I was still scared.
All of a sudden, my sister took my hand, looked at Mom and said, “I’ll take her, I’m not afraid,” and up the steps we went to see Santa. I remember thinking I had the best sister in the world. She stood beside me and held my hand while Santa lifted me up to his lap.  I was no longer afraid, but it was my sister who helped me take that first step.

There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.

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September 18, 2013

The ways of God are mysterious and known only to Him, but occasionally; we are witness to a miracle that can only be attributed to the Almighty.

After several years of disappointments and broken dreams, my friends Michael and Melissa had nearly lost their hope of having another child.  During this time, Michael’s father, Junior, was one of their steadfast allies, always ready to lend a listening ear, and quick with the kind of encouragement only a parent can provide.  Described by Michael as “the greatest Dad a guy could ever have,” Junior was his hero, best friend, and role model in life.

All too soon, Junior passed away in May, 2011, without ever setting eyes on the legacy that would soon be his.  The family was distraught and felt adrift without Junior’s presence.

On what would have been the couple’s 41st anniversary, Junior’s wife, Kathy, wrote, “41 years ago today I married my soul-mate.We grew up together and made many happy memories together. But 74 days ago I lost him and my soul has a hole in it. I miss him so very much and although I know we will be together again, I still don’t know how to live the days until that happens. In my memories you’re smiling and laughing, I will always remember the happy times. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. Junior, I will love you forever! A life that touches others will go on forever.”

As the family’s first Christmas without Junior approached, the mood was solemn. The holiday excitement was missing. That is, until Junior’s son and daughter-in-law received a gift  — the news that they were finally expecting.

In August 2012, baby Kayden was born, and it was if the family did a double-take when they looked into her eyes.  For staring back at them was nearly an identical resemblance to Junior’s smiling cheeks and deep-set eyes.

In some Eastern religions, we read of the belief that the soul of deceased person comes back to life in a newborn.  Whether or not this is to be believed, one thing is certain — a beautiful child has a way of helping mend the soul’s wounds – a way of healing the emptiness of that which has been lost.

The truth from Kathy’s words are apparent as you look into the eyes of this beautiful child, “A life that touches others will go on forever.”

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