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June 17, 2015

Katie and Ben were married a few short weeks ago, and were eagerly looking forward to a jaunt across Europe on their honeymoon.  While their wedding had been steeped in tradition, they opted to take a step out of the ordinary and embark on a high altitude Adventure Session prior to boarding the plane to the ancestral lands of their forefathers.

The three of us left the humid 80+ degree temperatures of the city and traveled to Pisgah National Forest along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Amid the winding roadways and deep forests, the weather took an abrupt change as the heat dissipated and wind chill plummeted to the 40s.

Our first destination was Looking Glass Falls, where even in the summer, the water feels icy cold and the spray from the 60-foot falls quickly numb your fingers and toes — especially if you’re adorned in a wedding gown. From there, we traveled to Black Balsam Knob with its 70-mile vistas.

Amazingly enough, the trees begin to disappear the higher you climb. And when you reach the 6,200 feet, the Knob envelopes you in an alpine atmosphere akin to that found in Europe. It was a spectacular view, only made better by the loving couple standing on the summit.

As we left this enchanted area, we talked about the upcoming honeymoon and the places the couple wished to visit. With Katie’s mother’s ancestors from Italy and her father’s from Croatia, she said it had always been her dream to visit those faraway lands. And with an endearing smile, she looked at her husband and said, “Ben made my dream come true.”

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. — Kahlil Gibran

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Hair & Makeup by the incredibly talented Lindsey Regan Thorne.

June 08, 2015

No two clients are the same, and no two weddings can ever be duplicated  — and this was a perfect example. For this couple and their families, the first Saturday of May was always planned around The Kentucky Derby, and likewise, so would their wedding.
As the crowds were pouring into Churchill Downs, a similarly excited, albeit somewhat smaller, crowd was convening at The Arbors Events near Lake Norman, North Carolina to celebrate a wedding like none other.
In North Carolina, the bride and her parents were walking toward the rose covered arch, while in Kentucky, the contenders were making their way from the barn to the paddock.
In North Carolina, a couple deeply in love were saying their vows, while in Kentucky, the participants were listening for the ‘Rider’s Up’ call.
Once in the reception area, the wedding party and guests quickly wrote down their favorites on the betting board, grabbed their champagne and turned toward the big screen television. As toasts were made to the bride and groom, American Pharoah was making his way across the finish line.

Although I may be one of the few Americans who have never seen The Kentucky Derby, something tells me I’ll be tuning in next year. Perhaps not to see the race itself, but rather to search among the spectators for Katie & Ben as they celebrate their first anniversary.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.  – Unknown

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Photographer | Julia Laible Photography
Assistant Photographer | Jessica Kait Photography 
Videographer | Crown Alley Films
Venue | The Arbors Events
Caterer | Visions Catering
Florals | Nectar
Baker | Ella’s Celestial Cakes
Ceremony Musician | Musically Yours NC
Pastor | Tom McCrea
HMUA | LINDSEY REGAN THORNE “b e p r e t t y”
Caricaturist | Jerry Frazee
DJ | All The Right Grooves Professional DJ Services
Transportation | T&J Shuttle & Limousine
Paper Goods | Olive Paper
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