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October 26, 2012

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I traveled to Clemson to meet Hall & Alex for a photo shoot at the University. Not knowing the area that well, I planned to give myself an hour or so to familiarize myself with the spots in and around campus that would be perfect for the photo shoot.
After driving aimlessly about for an hour, I finally stopped at the campus maintenance building to get directions. The staff was super helpful, taking a large map right off the wall, circling areas of interest and providing me with the quickest roads to take through the campus. I was finally off to a good start.
Knowing that Hall was an avid Clemson football fan, I had called the Stadium (aka ‘Death Valley’) days earlier and was granted access. Seriously….how cool is that! I have been to university stadiums before, but not like this. Actually being able to stand on the football field only excited me about the shoot even more!
I couldn’t help but smile when Hall came walking toward me wearing a Clemson orange sweater and holding a football. As we walked out to the 50-yard-line, I actually got goosebumps. The Stadium was so silent filled with hundreds of orange stadium seats emblazoned with the Clemson Tiger Paw. I could just imagine the roaring sound of the fans and the excitement this couple must feel being part of the huge crowd that would later fill these seats.
As both are students at Clemson, the university will always hold a special place in their memories. It was here they met, and here, at the wooden bridge, that Alex proposed. It was only natural for their engagement session to be held on campus. The couple also plans to marry at Clemson next year as well.
Hall & Alex were completely at ease during the entire shoot. This couple is just so full of fun, life and love, that it was contagious to anyone around them. Holding a commemorative game ball given to her by her father (another Clemson fan), Hall smiled and said that Alex wasn’t yet a die-hard fan like herself, but he was slowly being converted.
…And our Alma Mater reigneth
Ever in our lives.
Special thanks to all the great folks at Clemson U. and to Regina Jeffery for assisting me on the shoot!


The bridge where Alex proposed! 🙂

October 22, 2012

There is a common thread among most workshops I’ve attended — that of leaving you with a broader knowledge of some aspect of photography. Another is, no matter how good the instructor, the real secrets of success are still as hidden to you as they were prior to your attendance.

But this time was far different…

From start to finish with the Trevor Dayley workshop, I felt I was privy to all the secrets of great photography — from recognizing the tiniest details to viewing the broader picture. I really walked away from this workshop with a true feeling of accomplishment and a new-found desire to see my business succeed, but to also see other photographer’s businesses succeed.

I truly cannot say enough about this workshop or Trevor as an individual. Trevor is an open book and a wealth of information that he willingly and gladly shares. If you’re on the fence about attending a workshop with Trevor….don’t be! It’s such a small price to pay for what you’ll take away.

Thanks so much to Cassandra from BlueSky for hosting, Aubrie’s Bridal for the incredibly gorgeous accessories and gown and to our amazing and beautiful model, Amanda. Lastly, thank you Trevor for coming to Charlotte. You’re truly a one of a kind and I’m thankful for your willingness and desire to teach and truly want others to succeed.

And because a blog isn’t a blog without a few pictures, here you go 😉

Having a little fun with flash 😉

And our AWESOME group! (Photo by Trevor!)